Create Advanced Placement Courses on African Civilizations and African American History

Black History College Now Pilot Program

AP for All is extending an invitation for students to enroll in a pilot program in partnership with College Now. In response to the demand for college-level culturally relevant course work, AP For All is sponsoring 2 virtually-held College Now courses on Black history and culture for up to 50 students during the Spring 2021 semester. Students will have the opportunity to apply for enrollment in 1 of the course options listed below to be hosted by Hostos Community College and Medgar Evers College. Please see below for the course descriptions and directions to apply.

Hostos Community College – BLS 114: The African American Experience

Students will be introduced, through a series of guided readings, to the experiences of peoples of African descent from Africa’s genesis through the middle passage, slavery emancipation, the reconstruction and the aftermath of de jure slavery in the Americas; including the literary, economic, socio-psychological, and cultural aspects of the African – American experience. To apply, click on this link and follow the directions in the Hostos CN online app instructions.

Medgar Evers College – HIST 201: African American History and Culture

This course is a topical examination of themes relevant to the history and culture of the African American population in the Western hemisphere with particular reference to gender and socio-economic class relations. Topics will include African origins, African American intellectual thought, slavery, the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, the struggle for human rights, the Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s, United States foreign policy in Africa and the Caribbean, and contemporary ethnicity in African American life and culture. To apply, complete the attached Medgar Evers College Now Application for this course and submit to If they previously took a College Now course have them select RETURNING STUDENT and indicate their student EMPLID#.

The Spring semester is scheduled to begin as early as January 27, 2021. Seats are limited and this opportunity is open to students enrolled in NYC DOE high schools citywide. Please encourage your students to apply for one of the courses as soon as possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email

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