Insight: Upcoming Training Opportunities for New Features and Functionalities

The DOE is offering five (5) optional training sessions to review new features and functions in Insight, the web-based DOE tool that allows users to access timely and actionable data about their schools. Enhancements to the tool will launch on September 6. Superintendent team members, particularly academic policy, performance and assessment specialists, and data managers are invited to register for one of the remote training sessions—each covers the same content. The sessions will be held from 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. on September 781320 and 21.

In addition, note that the trainings will cover the following new and enhanced functionalities of Insight:

  • All teachers will be able to view information about students who are enrolled in their classes for the current school year.
  • In Assessment Data Explorer, users will be able to view students’ performance on Acadience reading and math assessments, identify trends, and compare students’ performance to the city, borough, district, or superintendency.
  • The enhanced Advanced Courses feature now includes the ability to view data by any subgroup.
    • There is also a new School-wide Summary section that allows users to examine trends in the number of advanced courses offered and students enrolled over the past five years.
    • AP and IB exam scores will be added to the existing Students Who Took AP or IB Exam chart.
  • Information about the Recommended Language of Instruction for students with IEPs will be included in both the Student List Filters and the Subgroup Menu as a pre-defined subgroup.

Superintendent staff are automatically provisioned access to their schools’ data, based on their role in Galaxy as described on the Insight Wiki.  For more information and training resources, please consult the Insight Wiki and Insight Resource Channel. For questions, email

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