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“”It was an enriching experience for my young scholars and I.”

Angela Malcolm – AP English Language and Composition Teacher, Mathematics, Science Research, and Technology Magnet High School

On experience attending AP PACE Workshop

What is AP PACE?

AP PACE offers a comprehensive AP family involvement component. The purpose of AP PACE is to build a community of families, school staff, and students who will serve as a network of support within their school communities. The core idea is to leverage existing assets and skills of families while building their capacity and knowledge in regards to:

  • the benefits of AP courses,
  • what it means for students to be college and career ready,
  • and the importance of family involvement.

AP PACE aims to further stakeholders; involvement in student achievement by supporting the college-ready culture of schools among families and students. Together as empowered communities, we can further connect AP, college majors, and careers thereby opening a world of ideas and inspiration for our students.

You Can Do It!

One of the keys to foster student success is to establish an expectation early on that all students can succeed in AP. Click here to establish a growth mindset in your school community.

Tools for Success

Tools for Success

Learning doesn’t stop when the school bell rings. It’s important to communicate the resources and supports your school has available to ensure learning continues past classroom time. Provided below is a sample template for a catalogue your school can use (or revise to fit your school’s style) to share with students and families of the supports made available to them.

AP is not for the elite. It is for the prepared.

A common misconception about the AP program is that it is for the best of the best. In reality, all students can succeed in AP if given the opportunity and appropriate support. Cast a wide net of prospective AP students by using these strategies here.

Attend an AP PACE Workshop

Check out our calendar of events to register for an upcoming AP PACE workshop. You can access the full calendar here.