AP Coordinator


AP Coordinator

Your role as a AP Coordinator

The AP Coordinator is responsible for all aspects regarding the ordering of the AP exam (often the testing coordinator). This is an official College Board position and designated role within Galaxy.

Why is it important?

As described by College Board, “The success of a school’s AP program is due in large part to the efforts of a dedicated AP coordinator. AP coordinators assume primary responsibility for organizing and administering the AP programs at their schools. They also manage the ordering, receipt, distribution, administration, and return of AP Exam materials — making sure millions of students worldwide receive their AP scores.”


Below we’ve outlined a few important resources necessary for success as an AP Coordinator. Please refer to College’s Board website for more detailed information regarding important changes for the upcoming school year, announcements, and AP exam deadlines. You can also visit the internal DOE page for additional guidance.

Annual Calendar & Deadlines

Here you can find a month-by-month overview of important deadlines related to AP coordinator procedures and

AP Coordinator Manual

This guide provides a comprehensive understanding of the AP Coordinator role.

AP Course Audit Process

The AP Course Audit Process is an annual process where any course designated as “AP” must receive authorization (or reauthorization for a prior course).

AP Exam Ordering

AP coordinators will submit exam orders through AP Registration and Ordering in 2019-20.

AP Exam Proctoring

The AP Program uses the term proctor to refer to any adult authorized by the AP coordinator who is present during, and accountable for, the administration of an individual AP Exam.

AP Exam Payments 

Find information on fees, refunds, reduction, and federal and state assistance. For more information on NYC DOE’s payment coverage of AP exams, contact APforAll@schools.nyg.gov.

Academic Policy Guide

This guide provides detailed information on programming students in STARS and other DOE related policies.

Add/Drop Course Policy

Open communication with your school community about AP student expectations and supports help with AP student retention in the program. Use this sample template to create or even revise your policy to be shared with prospective students and families.


To learn more about AP for All’s formative assessment, visit our Assessment page .

Professional Learning Opportunities

Check out our events calendar and see what upcoming Professional Learning opportunities are upcoming .