College Board: AP Course Audit (Final Deadline is January 31st!)

Teachers have four options to demonstrate awareness of the course scope and receive AP course authorization:

    1. adopt a sample syllabus;
    2. adopt the AP unit guides in the AP course and exam description;
    3. claim identical to a colleague’s approved syllabus; and
    4. submit their own course syllabus for review.

Teachers and a school administrator will also need to complete and submit the short AP Course Audit form to confirm awareness of the core requirements for offering a specific AP subject. In order to ensure that AP courses appear in your school’s AP Course Ledger, your AP coordinator and/or account administrator must renew the previously offered course(s) that will be taught again in 2020–21. These steps should be completed by the priority deadline of October 15; the final deadline for completing these steps is January 31.

For more information about Course Audit, Exam ordering and the APRO system, please see our Advanced Placement Registration and Exam Ordering guidance document.

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