College Board: Important Lockdown Browser Update

In early February 2021, College Board will make a change on AP Classroom that will fix a LockDown Browser issue that users have experienced.  For iPad users working in an outdated version of the LockDown app, this change will unfortunately cause the LockDown app to become unusable. To prevent this, iPad users should update their LockDown app to the newest version (using the same process for updating any other app on their iPad).

This only affects iPad, and only the LockDown Browser, not any other part of AP Classroom.  To make sure users are aware of this change, College Board will be including messaging to teachers and students on AP Classroom, and messaging to students on My AP. This messaging will be visible in late January, and will let users know they need to download an updated version of the app by January 31. (Within the LockDown iPad app itself, users have been seeing notifications prompting them to update since November.)

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