AP Student Study Skills Workshops

Adapting to remote study has been tough for all students, and if you are taking an AP course, tackling a college-level curriculum has not made things any easier.

To help you improve your remote study skills, AP for All is offering after-school and Saturday classes on topics like time management, digital notetaking, review strategies and stress management.

Sessions are conducted live by an expert study skills coach from Elevate Education, who will help you identify strategies to improve your remote study skills. Elevate’s coaches are current college students who know what you are going through and will draw on their own experience studying remotely to help you develop your own skills.

Coaching sessions run for 60 minutes and require you to register beforehand. If you are interested, please pick the topics you would like to receive training in from the list below and pick your preferred date and time. You are welcome to choose as many topics as you feel you need.


  • Are you lacking in motivation? Register
  • Are you finding it hard to focus while at home? Register
  • Is stress impacting on your study? Register
  • Do you want to take digital notes like a pro? Register
  • Could your memory and review skills use a boost? Register
  • Do you need to get better at time management and productivity? Register

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