AP For All | College Now Culturally Relevant Courses – Fall 2022

This is a reminder to share with your students this opportunity to earn college credit by enrolling in culturally relevant and affirming college-level courses under our partnership with the College Now program. Students can select the course of their interest by completing this short survey. Upon completion, their submission will be sent to the school hosting the course. In addition, students are to complete the application instructions outlined in the attached document for the course to formally begin the application process. The attachment includes the full list of courses, descriptions, schedules, and additional information. Students are encouraged to respond as soon as possible as seats for the courses are limited. Please note, students are required to submit their transcript in the survey. Please make arrangements for them to be able to access their transcript for submission.


If you have any general questions about College Now, please visit https://k16.cuny.edu/collegenow/. For specific questions about any of the courses offered in this program, please refer to the Contact Us slide in the PowerPoint for the host school’s point of contact information.

Culturally Relevant Courses Fall 22

AP For All-College Now Fall 2022 Course Overview

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