Order SLP/ Comprehensive World Language exams to validate your students’ linguistic proficiency and provide equity and access to graduation for MLs/ELLs

Don’t forget to order Second Language Proficiency (SLP) and Comprehensive World Language Exams (formerly LOTE) exams before April 8th.

To validate your students’ identities and experiences:

  • Middle schools should design their world languages and bilingual programs to culminate in the locally developed SLP exam when and where possible to provide students access to advanced language coursework and a pathway towards the New York State Seal of Biliteracy (NYSSB)—and of course success in our global economyJ. Without this exam, your students could end up back in Level 1 in high school. You can see previously administered exams on the SLP InfoHub page.
  • See the World Languages FAQ for more information on how your students can earn high school credit in middle school (#1 outlines the interconnection between bilingual programs and World Language credits)
  • The Comprehensive World Language exams (formerly “LOTE,” an assessment of Checkpoint B) in American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, and Spanish are approved as +1 pathway exams, which provide equity and access to graduation for MLs/ELLs.
    • Some students may need to complete six credits of world languages to be prepared for the exam, while others (for example, native or heritage speakers) may need to complete fewer or possibly no credits to be prepared for the exam. Students are not required to complete coursework to attempt these exams.
    • Schools should determine whether MLs/ELLs have acquired the proficiency necessary to be successful on the exam. See the 4+1 FAQ for more details about the World Languages exam as a +1 option.
    • Format changes: In order to provide students with a more equitable test-taking experience, the NYC DOE-developed exams’ student booklet template will provide Part 4 instructions in both the Target Language and English. The Part 4 changes will impact the NYC DOE-developed Comprehensive World Language (Checkpoint B) exams in 17 languages.

Share this info with your administrators please! Check out the March 8 Principal’s Digest blurb, and get your orders in this week.

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