Distribute Unique Join Codes for Each AP Class Section

Each AP® class section has a unique join code that allows students to join the class in AP Classroom and use AP resources. It also allows the AP coordinator to order AP Exams for students. Teachers should share the join code with their students, along with instructions for signing in and joining the class section, on the first day of class.


For Teachers: Helping Students Join Your AP Class Section(.pdf/784 KB)
Instructions for getting class join codes and ensuring that students have joined class sections. Includes tips for using AP Daily, topic questions, and progress checks.
For Students: Joining Your AP Class Section (.pdf/1.04 MB)
Step-by-step instructions students receive from their AP teacher on the first day of class. Includes visuals and important links to guide students through the process of joining their teacher’s class section online.
For Students: How to Join Your AP Class Section
A short video walk-through for students that shows the step-by-step instructions for using the unique join code to join a class section.
For Coordinators: Setup, Enrollment, and Ordering (.pdf/472 KB)
On overview and timeline of the steps coordinators, teachers, and students need to take before the final ordering deadline.
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