Daniel Dorogusker

Daniel Dorogusker is a content area specialist in English with AP for All. His day is typically spent working with teachers who are new to teaching one of the two AP English courses (Language and Composition, or Literature and Composition). He also enjoys working with teacher teams as they vertically align and update curricula. Nothing is more satisfying to him than collaborating with teachers to acquire the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to make excellence attainable for all students.

A veteran teacher and school administrator, Daniel is committed to ensuring that all NYC high school students receive an English education that prepares them for college or career, and hooks them into a lifelong love of reading, writing, and speaking. An ardent and adventurous reader, Daniel has recently discovered his passion for table tennis. He never tires, though others may, of introducing puns and analogies that relate to his triple passion for teaching, learning, and ping pong. Netting results for students is what drives Daniel to leave it all on the table and bring his best game every day.