Social Science and History

How to utilize these resources.

We’re happy to offer these resources for unit and lesson planning for your AP courses. They represent the work of experienced AP teachers right here in New York City, many of whom teach students just like those you want to engage and support in your classes. However, only you can decide the extent to which these resources meet the academic, socioemotional, and cultural needs of your students. Even within a single unit or lesson, some elements may suit your students’ needs and others many not. We encourage you to consult these resources thoughtfully and modify supports as will be suitable for you and your students at any given point in time. You might decide to slow down one lesson and speed up another; you might decide a different (but still one of comparable rigor) illustration or text would be more accessible for your students. Those decisions, rightly, remain with you.

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We are looking for your help in continuing to refine our work and are working hard to ensure that documents reflect the recent changes to AP courses.  We appreciate any feedback or questions you have, which will help us to make improvements to better support you in your work. Please email with any questions or comments, and please indicate the document you are emailing about in the subject line.