Curriculum Overview and Welcome

Good planning is essential to a successful AP course. From its launch, AP for All has been thrilled to offer high quality professional development in the form of AP Summer Institutes, content training, and targeted workshops.

To continue supporting AP teachers in NYC, AP for All held its first Curriculum Writing Institute in the summer of 2017. The goal was to leverage experienced AP teachers within the NYCDOE to create model curriculum maps, unit plans, lesson experience templates, and additional resources for all AP courses we currently support. Each year we have continued to build and refine those resources based on teacher feedback and the most recent updates to the College Board frameworks in Spring 2019.

How to use these documents.

These documents are to be used to support the revised College Board Course and Exam Descriptions (CED)  → for the corresponding course.  This year saw many changes to course frameworks and support materials.  Before you dig into the materials below, be sure that you familiarize yourself with the 2019-20 Changes to AP: A Path to Success for All Students .

In addition to material from College Board and AP for All, our partner, the National Math and Science Initiative who supports most of our course with AP Content workshops, mentors and AP Summer Institutes. NMSI posts lessons, activities and support materials for most supported courses on Blackboard and teachers in AP for All supported schools are entitled to access. Email for an account and indicate which AP for All school you are currently teaching at.

How to modify these documents.

These document represents the combined work of several experienced NYCDOE AP teachers. Our goal was to provide teachers with a “jumping off” point to work from and a model they could use as a baseline. It is essential to modify these documents to address the needs of your school, your students and your own pedagogical approach. AP for All supported teachers should feel free to make a copy of this file in Google Docs or download this as a Word Doc and tailor the resources to fit the needs of your own classroom and students.

This a Draft Release of these documents.

As a supported AP for All school, we are looking for your help in continuing to refine our work and are working hard to ensure that documents reflect the recent changes to AP courses.  We appreciate any feedback or questions you have, which will help us to make improvements to better support you in your work. Please email with any questions or comments, and please indicate the document you are emailing about in the subject line.