Latest Past Events

Spilling the tea: Stories of addressing racism and controversial issues in second language classrooms

In this presentation, we share personal stories that occurred in our ENL classrooms, where we were confronted with racism among students within those learning spaces. Our stories speak directly to the importance of engaging in courageous conversations about the biases and cultural misunderstandings students might bring into the classroom, and how those biases and cultural […]

TL Driven Lab Classroom

Join us for a virtual English Lab classroom intervisitation and feedback session aligned with CRSE. (Hosted by Michelle Wertman)

TL Driven PD: Cogenerative Dialogues

Cogenerative Dialogues are planned conversations between a teacher and a small group of students. The goal is to elicit and implement student feedback to create more supportive, responsive instruction and classroom culture. (Hosted by Joann Mariani)