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DAC App for Audio Recording

All schools are encouraged to use the DAC app this year, which has been an additional recording option available since 2021 for school owned iPads and Chromebooks. This app will automatically save and upload/submit the files to DAS, while with the other methods (digital lab, handheld recording device, or computer) the files must be uploaded/submitted to DAS by someone in the school.
If schools are in need of devices (iPads or Chromebooks), send the excel template, Shared Device Request Template – Winter 2022, to request the devices to the following BCO point of contact:

BK North – Anthony Washington (AWashington6@schools.nyc.gov)

BK South – Guillermo Tejeda (gtejeda@schools.nyc.gov)

Manhattan – Harmonica Kao (HKao@schools.nyc.gov)

Bronx – Stephanie Arriola (sarriola@schools.nyc.gov)

Queens North – Richard Bellis (RBellis@schools.nyc.gov)

Staten Island – Stephen Schoepfer (SSchoepfer@schools.nyc.gov)

Queens South – Kamila Curiel (KCuriel@schools.nyc.gov)

For more information please download:  Audio Recording & Submission of WL Exams (AP French, German, Italian & Spanish Language and Culture

Requesting Centrally loaned iPads or Chromebooks

  • Devices are being provided to students for the AP exam and for students to use remotely.
  • Students who already have devices will not get one, and one should not be requested for them.
  • If there is a device that is lost, stolen, or damaged, and a student needs another, there are steps the school needs to take in the RLD to indicate such.
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