AP Review Sessions from College Board

AP Daily: Live Review is a series of livestreamed sessions on YouTube, hosted by AP teachers from across the country, that help students prepare for the 2021 AP Exams. Sessions will be held Monday–Thursday, April 19–29. See the schedule below to find the time for your course and download the review syllabus. Recordings of each session will be available on YouTube and on AP Classroom for students to watch on demand if they can’t join live.

A new pair of review sessions for AP Seminar will premiere the week of April 26—and will be hosted by AP teachers from across the country.

Subscribe to the Advanced Placement channel on YouTube to watch the latest AP Daily: Live Review, and follow College Board on Twitter for updates.

You can check out the full schedule and share it with AP students and be sure AP students keep watching the AP Daily videos on AP Classroom to help them learn and review the course content and skills across all the units in their AP course.


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