African American Studies College Now Program

Advanced Placement (AP) for All, in partnership with College Now, provides access to college-level African American history courses hosted by Hostos Community College and Medgar Evers College. AP for All is sponsoring these courses in response to increased demand for access to college-level culturally relevant coursework. Note that this opportunity is only available to students attending current AP for All schools. Students accepted into the program will take these courses online after regular school hours beginning in fall 2021.

Principals of current AP for All schools or their designees should share this application link with students who are interested in participating in college-level courses and in learning about African American history. Additional information about the courses and eligibility requirements are available at the application link. Students must submit their applications by 5 PM on May 14, 2021. Priority will be given in order of survey completion and AP for All may cap the number of students accepted into the program to equitably share this resource across schools.

For questions and inquiries, email Dexter Daniel at

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